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Handmade Bronze Statue & Sculpture

We’re Golden Hud, bronze statue and sculpture manufacturer and wholesaler based in Bali and Indonesia.

We make top-notch statues and sell them at good prices with cheap shipping worldwide.




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Golden Hud

We stand as the foremost bronze statue and sculpture manufacturer and wholesaler in Bali and Indonesia.

We’ve got lots of ready-made statues, and we can also make special ones just for you. Ensuring our customers discover the perfect art piece to fulfill their unique needs. We’re here for anyone who wants awesome bronze art, whether you’re a big company or just someone who loves art.

Our mission is to share the beauty and artistry of bronze statues and sculptures with the world. By providing a broad range of options, maintaining exceptional quality, and offering competitive prices. We’ve got all kinds of statues for people who love art, those who collect it, and even businesses and shops. Our mission is to make sure everyone can get great bronze art without any hassles.

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Our meticulously crafted bronze sculptures transcend mere art; they embody the spirit of individuality, each piece a masterpiece with a unique story to tell. From the fluid lines of our ready-made collection to the personalized touch of custom creations, our products redefine your space with unparalleled elegance.

Immerse yourself in a world where craftsmanship meets creativity, and every sculpture becomes a conversation piece. At Golden Hud, our commitment is not just to provide sculptures; it’s to deliver an experience that elevates your surroundings and celebrates the beauty of expression. Explore our collection and discover the extraordinary in the art of bronze.